Happy Belated Birthday Wishes for Friends & Family

A birthday is one of the most special days for someone. Forgetting the birthday of someone special such as friend, better-half, parents, siblings or anyone is a thing you never should put yourself into. With all the worry that you forgot the birthday of someone close to you, you can easily make up for it through Happy Belated Birthday. While wishing someone Belated Happy Birthday could be a tough job as you already forgot to wish them on the day and are wishing a day late or more.

It’s crucial to select a good and suitable Belated Birthday Wishes. You’ll get various ideas that will make it easier for you to wish someone who you forgot wishing to on an actual day due to various reasons.

To give it a sweet touch, mention your reason for not wishing them on time and if that reason is that you forgot it, just select a very sweet and simple message from the online choices.


Happy Belated Birthday

Make sure you select a good and sweet message from the online options for Belated Happy Birthday. If you wish to type it out yourself, it will be a nice idea or you can look upon the internet for some ideas. Belated Birthday wishes will never be something to worry about if you simply choose to write a sweet message for them. Despite worrying about it, look for Happy Belated Birthday Wishes related to this to make you feel less embarrassed about missing out on wishing them on time. The person will still feel special by your wishes to them. Try to be more creative with your wishes as you already got late to wish.

  • I am so sorry that I forgot your birthday. I hope that you had a good time anyway and that you have a wonderful year to come. Belated Happy Birthday.
Happy belated birthday quotes
Happy belated birthday quotes
  • I cannot believe that I forgot your birthday. Please accept my apologies, and I wish you a blessed and happy year to come. Belated Happy Birthday.
  • Belated Happy Birthday. I do not know how I missed your birthday, but I hope it was a good one and that you enjoyed your special day. Best wishes for the coming year.
  • Oh dear, I missed your birthday. Sorry about that. I hope that it was fabulous. I wish you health and happiness for the coming year. Belated Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to my dear friend…a little late. I hope that you enjoyed the day. Sending you my best wishes and blessings for a happy and prosperous year to come.
  • Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Is your birthday already over? Oh no! Oops. Well, I hope you had a good day and that you enjoy the year to come.
  • Somehow, I lost track of time, and I seem to have missed your special day. I am so sorry. I hope that it was spectacular. Belated Happy Birthday.
  • As I get older, it gets harder to remember important dates. Now that you are a year older, maybe you can understand. I hope it was a good one. Belated Happy Birthday.
  • Belated Happy Birthday. I am so sorry that I forgot. Please accept my belated greetings and my best wishes for a great year ahead.
Happy belated birthday funny
Happy belated birthday funny
  • Even though I am late for your birthday, I want you to know how special you are. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and best wishes for the year to come.
  • I have a funny feeling something important just happened, and I missed it. Was it your birthday? I hope it was a good one and that you have a great year to come.
  • Belated Happy Birthday to a wonderful and understanding person. I hope that you had a wonderful day and that the coming year brings you happiness and joy.
  • I missed your birthday, but I think that gives you permission to celebrate it all over again! Maybe take the whole week or even the whole month. Belated Happy Birthday.
  • Another year has come and gone, and I missed your special day. Please accept my apologies and my belated wishes for a Happy Birthday.
  • Please accept my belated wishes for a Happy Birthday. I hope that you had a nice time and that your dreams come true in the year to come.
  • Belated Happy Birthday to a truly amazing person. I am sending you wishes and prayers for blessings and happiness in the year ahead.
  • My sincere, but belated, wishes for happiness for your special day. I am also sending prayers for blessings and prosperity in the year to come.

Happy Belated Birthday Funny

When you make it wrong, happy modifies the saying belated date. You can wish your friend or favourite person on his special day with happy belated birthday images. Those belated birthday images will show that person even if you are late you still care for them and love them. Or you can make him smile by making happy belated birthday funny.

  • You know I like standing out? Like, being outstanding. Let’s this belated birthday wishes be as outstanding as I am.
  • When the registered attendees showed up to your party, I’m sure they thought I was locked out for misbehaving. Belated birthday wishes!
Belated happy birthday wishes to friend
Belated happy birthday wishes to friend
  • Cause this birthday is just for you and well, I wanted to stand out, that is why I let the crowd do their thing yesterday. Belated happy birthday, dear friend.
  • There is this part of the world where it is customary to send birthday wishes days after the birthday has passed, and it has my name on the entrance to the city.
  • I don’t know where this place is actually, but obviously, I’m from here. You’ll always be my family so belated happy birthday wishes to you.
  • How about I go a bit higher? Let me celebrate your birth-month instead of your birthday. It is still your birth-month, right? Happy birth-month!
  • I didn’t know if I should send you a handwritten letter, an email, a Facebook message, an SMS, a tweet or a voice message. It took me a whole day to decide. Here, belated birthday wishes to you.
  • I didn’t forget your birthday, I just wanted to annoy you by sending my wish late. I am not sorry, belated happy birthday to you.

Belated Birthday Wishes for your Brother

Oh no, you missed your brother’s birthday? Make it up to him with one of these late birthday wishes, and get back into his good books! These messages could also be adapted for your male cousins too.

  • Maybe there is a reason you were born later than I was. I am not sure, but I think so. Happy belated birthday Brother.
  • As it seems your birth, in relation to mine, is belated. Allow me go Scot free with this error of forgetting your birthday kid brother. Happy belated birthday Brother!
  • Throughout yesterday, mom couldn’t let me breathe. I was so encumbered with house chores. I not only forgot your birthday, brother, I also forgot to eat. Nevertheless, Happy belated birthday Brother.
  • Hey, younger brother. How am I supposed to believe you are a year older when you always look the same to me every year? Well, if you insist you are a year older, Happy belated birthday Brother.
  • All through yesterday, I was thinking about you even up till this morning, the thoughts of you aging paralyzed me. I wish you happy aging brother!
Belated happy birthday or happy belated birthday
Belated happy birthday or happy belated birthday
  • I did not celebrate yesterday because a day is not enough to celebrate you. I celebrate you every day, brother. Belated happy birthday, bro.
  • That I forgot yesterday was your special day, doesn’t mean that you are not a daily reminder of how troublesome brothers can be. Belated happy birthday wish, to a naughty brother.

Belated Birthday Wishes for your Sister

A collection of mostly funny late birthday wishes that try to justify why your birthday wishes are belated! Good luck, and I hope you get back in her good books soon!

These messages could also be altered slightly to wish a SIS Happy Belated Birthday Sister too.

  • Remember when we were young, and you would send me on errands and I would return late? I’m sorry, but I just had to remind you of those days with my belated birthday wishes, big sister.
  • Sometimes we forget important things on our calendar and schedule. Just like I did to the house chores you gave me as a kid. Just like I did on your birthday. I’m sorry. Happy Belated Birthday Sister.
  • Lovely sister, I hope you had a great time at your birthday party? I am sorry I couldn’t be part of it. Belated happy birthday, dear.
  • I am even sorrier I forgot your day entirely and missed seeing you cut the cake I sent. I hope you had a beautiful birthday.
Happy belated birthday brother
Happy belated birthday brother
  • No explanation is enough for the fact that I forgot your birthday? I’m deeply sorry, forgive me. Happy Belated Birthday Sister.
  • May troubles, sorrows and tribulations miss your way, just the way I missed your birthday. Belated happy birthday sister. I do hope you forgive me.
  • It’s quite sad that I missed your birthday. A party that would have doubled as a reunion. I am sorry. Happy Belated Birthday Sister.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Friends

Uh oh! You forgot your friend’s birthday? Make it up to him or her with one of these Happy Belated Birthday Friend messages, and rescue your friendship while it’s not too late!

These first messages are more sincere and heartfelt belated birthday greetings, where you apologise for your lateness and wish them all the best!

  • Dear friend, I wanted your celebrations to last more than a day. That is why I decided to send my birthday wishes a little later than all the others.
  • No, I did not forget your birthday. Of course not. I cannot even try to. Happy Belated Birthday Friend.
  • Hey, dear. I went shopping yesterday. I wanted to get you some gifts for your birthday. The gifts are running late so let me wish you happy birthday in arrears.
  • I don’t know if it was some kind of special sales day or a promo day, but the queue was so long I spent almost the whole day shopping for the perfect gift. Belated birthday wishes to you.
  • I got back home very tired and stressed out. It made me forget to come around with the gifts and wish you a happy birthday. I’m sorry, happy birthday.
  • I no longer see you as a friend, that was in the past. I now see you as family. I feel very bad when I forget to observe a family ritual, like sending birthday wishes as and when due, and that is why I feel so bad that I forgot your birthday. Forgive me. Happy Belated Birthday Friend.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, honey is sweet, and my love for you is eternal. I am sorry for missing your birthday, dear friend, forgive me. Happy Belated Birthday Friend.

This go-to recent date greeting contains the saying “ happy birthday ” and the word belated and known as belated birthday wishes. It gets up at two variants—belated happy birthday, and belated happy anniversary. One of these two might be more commonly employed in the United States, and oddly enough, it’s this figure that’s not just logical—happy belated anniversary. Get’s look why. This word implies that something is past or delayed. If you wrote this phrase happy belated anniversary but changed the speech to its word “past” you’d get a happy late date. And that might be correct if this date were the past thing, but since the date is the day of somebody’s first it can’t be late—or early, for that matter.

Greetings may be recently, yet, so it makes lots more sense to have a late happy anniversary, which is why belated happy anniversary is the proper formulation. When you describe this greeting right, modifies the saying happy birthday So you can read some birthday wishes for your relatives Happy Birthday Daughter, Happy Birthday Son, Happy Birthday Friend, Happy Birthday Funny Wishes.

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