The Ultimate Fish Puns Collection 2021

First, let us talk about what are puns, puns are words that sound almost the same but have a different meaning. These are wittier jokes that only people who are listening to you carefully can understand. Now let’s talk about today’s pun topic fish puns, are you looking for some clever fish puns? Whale, you have come to the ideal spot, you will discover somethings fishing here that you can use in your discussion to have a good laugh with your companions with some fishy things in it. You can even have a pun competition with your gill, and sea who has got more wit.

News ground is the platform where the comic is uploaded, and once a new part of it was uploaded which caused its servers to crash which was a result of the strain from the number of views. With such a huge following we bring you a compiled collection of the fish puns Homestuck version.


Clever Fish puns

Clever Fish puns
Clever Fish puns
  • If you keep pestering me I’m going to get a haddock
Fish puns
Fish puns
  • Well I think you’re just fantastic
Animal crossing fish puns
Animal crossing fish puns
  • That seems a bit fishy to me
  • Let minnow if you have any suggestions
  • He schooled you just then
  • This is the first time I’m hearing about the issue
  • This isn’t a consensus a-monk the group
  • Any fin is possible, just don’t trout yourself!
Fish puns birthday
Fish puns birthday
  • My dad was a fisherman, but he quit because his net income wasn’t high enough
  • Well now we’re just stuck between a rock and a hard plaice!
  • Anyone else want to place a bait?
  • If you cross me I’ll make you feel my wrasse!
  • Some people don’t like fish puns, but these are kraken me up!
Fish puns homestuck
Fish puns homestuck
  • Have you thought of the solution yet or do you need some time to mullet over?
  • That scientist is gilliant!

Fish puns homestuck

Feferi Peixes who is one of the twelve trolls of the Homestuck webcomic is a water dweller, and just like the other eleven trolls of the web-comic she also represents a Zodiac sign that is Pisces and is a very optimistic Character and thus her puns are really good so we decided that we have to include her puns in our collection, therefore we have also compiled some of the best fefari fish puns.

  • I will love you for a krill-ion years
  • I wouldn’t be cod dead wearing that
  • You’re clearly a Dab hand at this
  • It doesn’t get any betta than this
  • Salmon, call a doctor!
  • DJ’s aren’t allowed to work at fish markets because they’re always dropping the bass

Fish puns birthday

  • Stop spreading those fishcious rumors
  • Who will be the sole survivor?
  • What a load of pollocks!
  • Holy carp we’re only halfway through the week
  • You should make him walk the plankton for that
  • Ahh you’re krilling me!
  • What is this aquarium website we’ve all been herring all about?
  • You betta believe it
  • Stop being so koi about it
  • We whaley need to turn this car around
  • Oh what a load of carp
  • Well salmon had to say it!

Animal crossing fish puns

Animal Crossing is a game that is popular for its quirkiness that can be often seen through various puns in the game, we have prepared a list of the best and some of the worst animal crossing fish puns. Home stuck is a web-comic with millions of followers and there are almost a new million visitors on the site every day.

  • We’re just hoping to avoid turtle disaster at this point
  • You don’t have to be a brain sturgeon to figure it out
  • They always want to mussel in on what everyone else is doing
  • Never trust unlicensed puns – always check to see if they’re ofishal
  • They have very sofishticated taste
  • Keep your friends close and your anemones closer
  • Carp-e diem!
  • It looks like we’re piranha roll now!
  • I see you’ve met my nemo-sis
  • Cod you pass me the pepper?
  • Dear Cod, I laughed so hard!
  • I can feel that in my sole

Bad fish puns

We all have experienced some time or the other, some bad fish puns. So, we have included them in our compiled list to help you by giving you a heads-up. You can access all this and more on our website and that too for free. So, go ahead and use your favourite puns while in a conversation with your friends or while trying to impress a girl (be careful it can backfire if you say a pun at the wrong time).

  • I’ve haddock with these shenanigans!
  • The way they handled that is a-trout-cious
  • I’ll bait that fish can’t swim on for much longer!
  • This is neither the time nor the plaice to deal with this
  • Don’t try to gillt trip me I know exactly what you’re doing

Fish puns names

  • Fin-Yang (Yin-Yang)
  • Lake Bloomer (Late Bloomer)
  • Swim Sum (Dim Sum)
  • Lochy Star (Lucky Star)
  • Fryday (Friday)
  • Symfiny (Symphony)
  • Fishtachio (Pistachio)
  • Fish in Mocean (Fish in Motion)
  • Seannamon (Cinnamon)

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