Funny Happy Birthday Quotes Wishes to Make Your Day Special.

These days a sending birthday greeting has to turn out to be an essential culture. Birthdays are a joyful occasion in every person. They mark the dates were special people got here into this world. Funny Birthday Wishes to people feel loved and remembered. Best friends and circle of relatives on their special day and put a cute smile on their faces.

People’s taking to Happy Birthday Funny to make the other person smile to make a special day more special. Who says Birthday Wishes Funny should be doughy and thoughtful? So make your best friends laugh on their birthday by sending a Funny Happy Birthday Wishes.

We will provide different types of funny birthday wishes you can read below and make a day funny and special with these wishes.


Funny Birthday Wishes

A cute smile and laughter can also help them live longer. No matter what the age, a birthday is a day to be identified and celebrated. Being able to smile approximately conditions, even the truth that one is growing older is a good factor. Its miles the sign of a person who knows the way to cope with one of the kind occurrences and a first-rate sense of humour of direction, teasing need to constantly be handled with care, because you wouldn’t like to harm everyone’s feelings, not to mention on their birthday. Share these Funny Birthday Messages with a person and celebrating their special day, maybe they bring a smile on their face.

  1. If I didn’t know you, I would dispute your age. You are sixty but sincerely look only 40 and I am kidding you not. Happy birthday.

  2. I hope you have low expectations for your meal and cake this year, I hear dad’s having a go at doing the chef. Happy Birthday!

  3. One more year to pretend you’re old enough to care about people around you.

  4. You’re not old. You’re just old enough to know better and not old enough to care. Happy Birthday!

  5. The emergency department is on speed dial just in case you have an unexpected asthma attack blowing the candles.

  6. Party like it’s 1959 when you could still dance and drink whiskey without finishing up you to the hospital.

  7. Remember when we stayed up late running from the law? No? Good. I don’t either. Happy Birthday, oldie!

  8. Another year to show that older doesn’t really mean more understanding. Happy birthday!

  9. Going old happens. Growing up is a choice. Happy Birthday.

  10. Happy Birthday. You’re one step closer to diapers being mandatory!

  11. I made a list of the words of wisdom I wanted to give you for your birthday. It’s still blank. Maybe next year.

  12. May all your birthday wishes come true — saving for the illegal ones!

  13. A birthday is a fantastic time to spoil yourself and break some rules. Today you can eat even what the doctor ordered you not to eat because it will be only once the whole year. Happy birthday!

  14. I will always be by your side no matter how old and cranky you get. I know your memory will fail you, but I won’t fail you. I will never feed you on dog food or watch you drink your tea from a tin. Happy birthday.

  15. Happy birthday. I want to know the secret of looking as sexy. as you. I cannot be looking like an ugly duckling while you look as beautiful as Zozibini Tunzi each passing birthday.

  16. Some friends have left you. Your black hair left a while ago, your hearing is planning to leave while most of your teeth already left. I want you to know that I am going to be around you to the end. Happy birthday.

  17. Happy birthday to a friend who has never left my side since we were kids. Thank you for all the times you have bailed me out. I wish you many more amazing years in the world.

  18. A good friend stays with you through thick and thin. They also tell you the truth when everyone else is lying. Today when they say you are young, I will remain your true friend and let you know that you are quite old. Happy birthday!

  19. Some friends have left you. Your black hair left a while ago, your hearing is planning to leave while most of your teeth already left. I want you to know that I am going to be around you to the end. Happy birthday.

  20. Happy birthday buddy. I promised to take care of you until the end. I have just removed all your wall mirrors so that you don’t see the old geezer that you have become!

  21. I never dream the day would come when I wouldn’t be able to count all the years you have without going hoarse and becoming mute. Happy birthday my friend.

  22. It has been several years since I first knew you. You have been such a gem to me, and I must say you have been like wine becoming better with age. Happy birthday.

  23. Funny how age changes a person and changes priorities. I cannot believe that we can no longer go clubbing, and when we attempt, we stand out as the old fools. I am still happy you are my buddy with or without the old fun. Happy birthday.

  24. Happy birthday, pal. I am wishing you many more but not so many until you cannot recognize me anymore. I still want to crack jokes with you when you are a hundred.

  25. How time flies! I remember the time you would only have a few candles on your cake. Today you have a million candles on the cake and it’s really hard even to see how the cake looks. Happy birthday buddy.

  26. It’s another year gone by, but I am very sure you haven’t grown a year wiser. You will still be my dumb friend. Keep it up to my friend, because I love you just as you are. Happy birthday.

  27. Happy birthday my dear friend. Let no one tell you that you are old because you are still younger than you will be on your next birthday.

  28. This journey called life is so unpredictable. It throws curveballs your way every so often. I am so happy to have you by my side as I tackle life. Happy birthday.

  29. I can’t believe this is what life has done to you. You see a beautiful woman crossing the road, and the only thing you can think is “I hope she doesn’t get hit by the cars flying past.” What happened to the days you used to stop and stare? Happy birthday!

  30. Today I have both bad and good news. The good news is that in another few birthdays you will become eligible for senior discounts in so many stores. The bad news is that you won’t have much use for all that stuff. Happy birthday, mate!

  31. Stop getting depressed about becoming a year older. Just be thankful that you were not born in Africa, where hunger would have killed you before you reached half the age you now are. Happy birthday.

  32. Happy birthday. I am so glad to have known you for all these years. You have offered me free consultancy services. I pray that you have many years to come so that I continue enjoying those services.

  33. I sadly noticed that wrinkles are forming on your face. Don’t let them bother you anyway. Treat them like creases that you can straighten with a hot iron any time you want. Happy birthday!

  34. Don’t worry about the kids calling you an old man because you turned forty. Quickly remind them that “life begins at forty”. Happy birthday!

  35. Poor old you. I would love to bring all the young girls who chose you for the school dance instead of me and hear what they have to say now that you are all crumbled. Happy birthday!

  36. If you were still a boy, I would tell you to tread carefully because your decisions will shape your future. But now that you are already old, all I can say is I hope you are enjoying whatever you sowed in your youth. Happy birthday!

  37. Isn’t it amazing how years fly by? I have watch you since we were boys and now grandfathers. I love you so much, and I want to save you many troubles. I got the cake ready and lit the candles lit, and I have phoned the fire department to blow them out for you. Happy birthday.

  38. Just the other day we were soiling our pants. Now, look at you a fully grown man who frowns at your kids when they soil themselves. I hope you have many more birthdays. I just fervently pray you won’t spoil your big boy pants no matter how old you get. Happy birthday.

  39. You mean so much to me. Even if I were to lose everything that I call mine but have you by my side, I would still be rich. I pray that your birthday is full of people and things to make you smile. Happy birthday, dearest.

  40. I have been searching for the perfect gift to bring you but couldn’t find it. At last, I decided I was the best gift I could get. That’s why I am here but empty-handed. Happy birthday.

  41. I am was starting to feel so old today, but I am so happy because your birthday has reminded me that no matter how old I get, you will always be older than me. Happy birthday.

  42. I knew this day would come, but it seems to have got here pretty fast. Today you can’t peacefully go up a flight of stairs without everyone asking to hold your hand. There is nothing much you can do but accept it and move on. Happy birthday.

  43. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are old. Just pretend you are a dog because in dog years today, you are only six years old. Happy birthday.

  44. I am not merely making you feel good but telling you the truth. That your age differently and each additional year instead of growing older, you grow younger and beautiful. Happy birthday.

  45. Don’t worry about the piling years and that you are headed towards being toothless. Just thank the universe that you are still alive. Happy birthday.

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Funny Birthday Wishes with Wine

Birthdays are an occasion that is one of the most joyful moments of our life. And people who are attached to our journey of life make this day more memorable by sharing funny birthday wishes. The best one can do to make this fabulous moment a lot of remarkable is by giving us funny happy birthday wishes.

1. Happy birthday! Have that second glass of wine (not that you needed an excuse)!
2. You’re how old? Poor you…Oops, stupid autocorrect, I meant pour you another glass of wine.
3. Once every generation, someone with impeccable taste in wine is born. That person would like to wish you a happy birthday!
4. You’re not old, you’re vintage! Happy birthday!
5. Whining about getting old won’t help, but wine-ing will. Happy birthday!
6. Happy birthday! I’d say let’s go out tonight, but we both know it’s more fun drinking wine at home.
7. Know why we’re such good friends? Because they say grape minds think alike. Happy birthday!
8. Like a good glass of wine, you’re sweet, slightly tart, and full-bodied. Happy birthday!
9. They say you don’t need wine to have a good birthday, but why risk it?
10. May your birthday be filled with happiness, joy, love…and wine!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Cat Lovers

  1. Happy birthday! Grumpy cat wishes you…nothing.

  2.  We’re gonna party tonight for your birthday! It’s gonna get cat lady crazy!

  3. Hope you have a happy “purrrr”thday!

  4. Hey, I got you a present for your birthday! It’s in my litter box!

  5. Happy birthday, cat lover! I’d get you a gift, but I know you’re just going to play with the box.

  6. Curl up by the window and take a nap – you’ve earned it. Happy birthday!

  7. Happy birthday! Just like your cat, you’re strong, independent, and you lick yourself when you think nobody’s looking.

  8. From one pretty kitty to another – happy birthday!

  9. Happy birthday! Excited that I get to spend all 9 lives with you!

  10. Is something going on today? Just kitten, I know it’s your birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Foodies

You can make them feel a lot better and happy by making birthday wishes funny or a happy birthday hilarious. You just can’t help yourself from putting out something to your family, friends, relatives, or a close one on this wonderful day of his/her life. But remember, you can tease that person on his/her day and it should be also cared for along with those funny wishes.

  1. Happy birthday! Hope you have an eggcellent day!

  2. We’re more than just buds, we’re taste buds. Happy birthday!

  3. I was going to make you a rum cake for your birthday, but now I’m drunk and it’s just a cake.

  4. Lettuce turnip the beets and party! Happy birthday!

  5. Happy birthday! If I had to get fat together with anybody, I’m glad it was you.

  6. The good thing about being this old is that your cake is going to be HUGE to hold that many candles!

  7. Happy birthday buddy! Now we have an excuse to go out to eat!

  8. We’re gonna party tonight. You better believe it!

  9. Thyme to go nuts! Happy birthday!

  10. Happy birthday! We’re gonna stuff our faces today just like we’ve practiced!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Granddaughters

1. Happy birthday, granddaughter! I’m so glad I didn’t kill your father when he was younger.
2. Granddaughter – You’re beautiful, smart, and funny…just like me. Happy birthday!
3. Need to borrow any birthday candles? I’ve got DOZENS from my last birthday. Happy birthday!
4. Happy birthday granddaughter (it took me 5 minutes to figure out how to text this to you).
5. If I was 50 years younger, we’d be out clubbing tonight. Happy birthday!
6. Happy birthday my princess! If your home is a castle, I’m the alligator in the moat outside chasing away the boys.
7. Granddaughter, hope your birthday is like your birthday candles – LIT! P.S. I’m still not quite sure what that means.
8. Happy birthday, granddaughter! The two quarters in your birthday card are so you can afford to call me sometime…
9. Grand-dogs and grand-cats are great, but granddaughters are the very best. Happy birthday!
10. Happy birthday! I’m knitting you a sweater granddaughter, do you still like unicorns?

Funny Birthday Wishes for Golfers

Those funny birthday messages bring a big cute smile on our faces to make our life a lot more enjoyable. Especially during these tough times, people are alone to celebrate their special day.

1. Happy birthday OLD friend! Sorry, buddy, no mulligans on birthdays.
2. Happy birdie-day! I know, bad pun (almost as bad as your golf game).
3. Birthdays are like golfing – it’s a lot more fun if you don’t keep count.
4. You’re not “over the hill”, you’re on the “back nine”. Happy birthday!
5. Your head’s starting to look more and more like a golf ball – bald and dimpled. Happy birthday!
6. The golf course said that we can have your birthday party by the sand trap. Figured you’d like that since you spend so much time there.
7. Happy birthday! Time to par-tee!
8. Hey, heard you like to golf. You’re in good company. Happy birthday!
9. You’ve got a better chance of breaking 80 with your age than on the course. Happy birthday!
10. Happy birthday buddy! Not that we need an excuse, but want to cut off work and go golfing?

Funny Birthday Wishes for Runners

1. Run another mile today, you’ll need the extra calories for your party tonight. Happy birthday runner!
2. You’re not over the hill. You’re on the second split. Happy birthday!
3. Happy birthday! You’re going to be way more competitive now in your new age group!
4. I know you’re fast, but age isn’t a race. Happy birthday!
5. Happy birthday runner! I’d let you decide what to do for your birthday, but your idea of fun is running in a straight line!
6. Thanks for always running slower than me. Happy birthday!
7. Happy birthday! Not all friends run together, only the best ones!
8. Your strength, dedication, and intensity make me…hungry. Happy birthday runner!
9. I got you a birthday present I think you’ll like! An outdoor treadmill!
10. Happy birthday runner! Make like a barber and take a short cut – then come to my place for wine!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Photographers

1. After working around so many negatives all year, I hope your birthday is positively wonderful!
2. Happy birthday photographer! I’d ask if you want to go out for shots, but I heard you “take shots” all day at work!
3. Hey, let’s get crazy and go out “flashing” tonight! Happy birthday!
4. Happy birthday! I’m glad we’re friends, but my Facebook feed is starting to look like a portrait studio.
5. We’ve really “developed” a wonderful friendship! Happy birthday photographer!
6. Happy birthday to my favorite photographer, from your best-looking model!
7. You’re not old, you’re vintage. Happy birthday!
8. It’s your birthday! Say “cheese” (and wine)!
9. The pictures you take are wonderful, especially considering how much wine you drink. Happy birthday!
10. Happy birthday! Nobody is better at making me look “presentable” in pictures.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Older People

1. Happy birthday! They say age is just a number. For you, it’s a big number.
2. When you were little, how did you blow out your birthday candles? You know, since fire wasn’t discovered yet?
3. Happy birthday! On the bright side, your birthday cake is going to be HUGE to fit all the candles.
4. Thanks for always being older than me. Happy birthday!
5. Happy birthday to the coolest person I know…with a cane!
6. Go crazy and have that second cup of pudding, it’s your birthday!
7. Happy birthday old man! You’re not just over the hill, I’m not sure you can even see it in your rearview mirror!
8. Want to go out for your birthday! I promise I’ll have you back for your 8pm bedtime!
9. Happy birthday old fart! Hope your birthday doesn’t stink!
10. I know you don’t like birthdays, but, good news, there probably aren’t many left. Happy birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Male Best Friends

1. Happy birthday to my brother from another mother!
2. Thanks for always being shorter than me. Happy birthday best friend!
3. Happy birthday! One good thing about getting older is forgetting all the stupid stuff we’ve done!
4. Once every generation a real lady’s man is born. That man would like to wish you a happy birthday!
5. Happy birthday to my best friend…with the hottest mom!
6. Happy birthday! We’ve been best friends through lean times, fat times, and really fat times!
7. They say you’re only as old as you feel…except you, you’re EXCEPTIONALLY old! Happy birthday!
8. Happy birthday best friend! I called your girlfriend and she said you can come out drinking tonight!
9. Hey, remember when you had hair? Probably not, old people have pretty bad memories. Happy birthday friend!
10. Happy birthday! I’d say you’re like a brother to me, but I can’t stand my family!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Female Best Friend

1. Happy birthday! You know my deepest, darkest secrets…and still, choose to be my friend!
2. The worst thing about your birthday is that people know how old I am too since we grew up together!
3. Happy birthday to my sister from a different mister!
4. You’re no longer a hot mama…you’re a gorgeous granny! Happy birthday best friend!
5. The most beautiful girl I know would like to wish you a happy birthday!
6. Happy birthday! I think you’re old enough that granny panties are now age-appropriate!
7. We’re more than just friends, we’re breast friends. Happy birthday!
8. Happy birthday! We’ve been best friends through thin…and thick!
9. Grab your credit card, I called your husband and he said we could go shoe shopping! Happy birthday!
10. Happy 29th birthday best friend! I know your real age, this is just for public perception!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Younger Brothers from Older Sisters

1. Happy birthday to the little brother that never grew up!
2. Are you still “little brother” if you’re bigger than me? Happy birthday Brother!
3. Happy birthday brother! If you get too crazy tonight, I’m telling mom and dad!
4. Of all the mistakes mom and dad made, you’re my favorite! Happy birthday!
5. Happy birthday little brother! Thanks for letting me pick on you growing up.
6. You were the cutest brother when you were little. What happened? Happy birthday!
7. Happy birthday! Who would have thought that the little boy in high heels and lipstick would grow up to be so handsome!
8. When I was little, I wished for a baby sister on my birthday. Yeah, thanks for that. Happy birthday!
9. Happy birthday! They say good things get better with age…except you. I liked you better as a baby!
10. You say I’m a protective sister, but I’m just…yeah, I guess you’re right. Happy birthday!

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Funny Birthday Wishes for Office Workers, Coworkers, and Employees

1. We know that you could spend your birthday with anyone… but aren’t you lucky you get to spend it with us at the office!
2. Happy birthday! One year closer to retiring from this hellhole!
3. Feel free to take one extra item from the supply closet today, you’ve earned it! Happy birthday!
4. Not all friends work together, only the best ones! Happy birthday!
5. Karen from accounting said she wasn’t going to wish you a happy birthday. Screw Karen – Happy birthday!
6. Happy birthday! With the lunch break, I have planned for us, I wouldn’t schedule anything important this afternoon!
7. Working at this office isn’t easy, but you help make things better! Happy birthday!
8. Hey, did you hear that the office is giving 5 days PTO as birthday presents this year? Me neither. Happy birthday!
9. Heard it was your birthday. Since you’re always stealing my lunches, I hope you enjoy the piece of cake I packed today.
10. I was told the CEO was coming to our office today to wish you a happy birthday in person. Make sure you’re on your best behavior!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Nurses

1. My hero wears scrubs. Oh yeah, it’s your birthday today, isn’t it?
2. We know that you could spend your birthday with anyone… but aren’t you glad you get to spend it with us at the hospital?
3. Happy birthday nurse! I’d say let’s party tonight, but I know you just want to sleep!
4. Put your glad rags on, join me hon’, we’ll have some fun when the clock strikes one! Happy birthday!
5. Happy birthday! I heard if you don’t chat about eating that birthday cake today, the calories don’t happen!
6. I told the patients at the mental asylum it was your birthday today! They said they’d come to see you tonight when your shift starts!
7. Happy birthday nurse! Sorry if you are getting ready/with a patient/just finishing your shift/sleeping, I’ve got no idea what your schedule is!
8. May all your patients are sane and their call lights stay off. Happy birthday!
9. Happy birthday to the friend I can’t complain about how stressful my office job is!
10. I heard the charge nurse got you a birthday present today – the work of three nurses!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Lawyers

1. Unfortunately, there’s no way to object to getting older. Happy birthday lawyer!
2. May all your divorcees are wealthy and their exes are self-represented. Happy birthday lawyer!
3. Happy birthday to the lawyer I hate the least!
4. When does lying about your age become a felony? You’re getting close! Happy birthday lawyer!
5. The best, most successful lawyer I know… I would like to wish you a happy birthday!
6. Happy birthday! If your life was a court case, you’d be in the closing arguments!
7. I’ll debrief you on your presentation at home. Happy birthday!
8. My hero is a lawyer. Oh yeah, it’s your birthday, isn’t it?
9. Happy birthday! There’s nothing circumstantial about it, you’re getting old!
10. Happy birthday! Did you know that your name, in Chinese, translates to “Me Soo Yu”?

Funny Birthday Wishes for Bosses & Managers

1. Happy birthday to the best boss ever… and I’m not saying that because I have to!
2. Happy birthday! To celebrate, how about everybody takes a 2-hour lunch break today?
3. You’re the best boss to ever boss people that need to be bossed around. Happy birthday Boss!
4. Happy birthday boss! If your life was like a meeting… hell, we know your meetings never end!
5. Your best, hardest working employee… isn’t me. But I’d still like to wish you a happy birthday!
6. Happy birthday! When I cry in my car on the way to work, it’s really because I’m so happy to work here!
7. I’d wish you a happy birthday, but my nose is so far up your butt I can’t move my mouth.
8. Happy birthday boss! Your present is that I won’t complain about working this Saturday… to your face!
9. My hero is manager. Oh, it’s your birthday today, isn’t it?
10. Happy birthday! We would have gotten you a cake, but none of us make enough to afford a cake big enough to fit all those candles!

You shouldn’t be insulting or troll someone, especially on a joyful day. It can be more hurt them instead of giving them a cheerful day. People can be lighthearted so you should look after that by checking if your teasing is not gonna leave damage in their heart or mind.

We hope that you guys like these quotes, we have a special quote for you if you want to express your Love on someone’s birthday read these funny birthday wishes and show that how much you love. So stay connected with lifemotivation and read beautiful wishes like Happy birthday dad and mention in the comment section witch quotes is your favourite. 

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