Happy Birthday Cousin Wishes – Find the perfect birthday wish

Regardless of whether your cousin is astonishing or irritating, they are still somebody you imparted your youth too. The love between family can be noisy and chaotic, however, it is likewise faithful, so pause for a minute on their extraordinary day to wish your cousin a happy birthday. The following are some birthday messages like Happy Birthday Cousin to help move you on the best way to state a happy birthday cousin

As close as a sibling and closer than a companion, your cousin will consistently be one of the most notable individuals throughout your life. On their birthday this year, fill their heart with joy extraordinary by sending Happy Birthday Cousin Funny

Get all time best Quotes, wishes and images for your love friends and family.


Happy birthday cousin

To assist you with finding the correct message, we’ve assembled this large ole rundown of birthday wants for a cousin. Since cousin connections come in endless structures, so do this remarkable birthday welcome. Regardless of whether you’re searching for an ardent slant to show your affection, or a zingy birthday saying like Happy Birthday Beautiful Cousin to make your cuss bust a gut giggling, you can discover a lot of phrasing thoughts underneath. 

  • A birthday is just the beginning of another year in that thing they call life. It’s long and sometimes beautiful, other times difficult, but it’s made all the better since I have a cousin like you. I hope that I can bring you that same comfort.
Happy birthday cousin
Happy birthday cousin
  • Cousins are a little slice of childhood. I’m grateful I had you in my life to love, cherish, and annoy. Happy birthday!
  • I am so grateful to have you in my life. I can never forget how blessed and fortunate I am to have a cousin like you. I hope your birthday is filled with joy and cheer.
  • Every birthday is a new page in your book of life. Make sure to fill your pages with generosity, kindness, and love. You should start with generosity, and share that delicious cake with your favourite cousin!
  • You are more adored than you could realise. I hope that on your birthday you receive enough love to last a lifetime cousin. You can start with mine. Happy birthday!
  • Thank you for being the kind of person who knows all my flaws, but accepts and loves me anyway. You are more than my cousin. You are my bestie.
  • Family is connected not just by blood but by heart. Even distance and time cannot break apart our bond. I love your cousin and always will no matter what we go through. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • You mean the absolute world to me because you are the type of person who gives so unselfishly. I hope to be even half the person you are one day. Happy birthday!
  • I am convinced I have the best cousin in the world, and I hope the feeling is mutual. From one phenomenal cousin to another I wish you a happy birthday!
  • I hope that this year you wake up with a smile on your face every single day. At least I know you will tomorrow because I got you the best birthday gift ever. Cake. Happy birthday cousin!
  • I wish you a wonderful birthday filled with warm wishes and a whole lot of chicken and beer. Also, tacos. Everyone should have tacos on their birthday.
  • Your cake has so many candles that it’s become a fire hazard. Mwahaha. I meant congrats on getting older cousin!
  • You may not say it often cousin, but I know that deep down you care for me. Deep, deep, deep down where you can barely see it. I feel the same about you, and I hope your birthday is truly spectacular.
  • For all the years you ratted me out to my parents I forgive you because it’s your birthday. Also, I may have ratted you out to your parents a couple of times too.
  • I am so deeply blessed to have a cousin like you: fun, fearless, and a little flighty. You bring endless joy into my life. I hope you get tons of presents, cake, and love on your birthday.
  • I hope that you continue to reach higher and higher in life. You’ve already touched the sky, but I know you can also reach the stars. Happy birthday cousin!
  • I hope you have a birthday as epic as the day you were born. As I hear it, it was pretty darn epic. Stay classy, cool, and amazing this year cousin.
  • You are the kind of person whose impact on this world will leave lasting impressions. I can tell because you’ve already impacted my life for the better in so many ways. May all the good you’ve done return to you two-fold this year cousin.
  • The bond of family is stronger than any argument or fight we’ve been through. I hope to continue to be a part of every journey you go through in life. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to the sweetest, most adorable cousin in the world. I hope your birthday is filled with sugar, spice, and all things nice just like you.
  • Friendships come and go, but family is for life. Sometimes that’s a good thing, and sometimes that’s a bad thing. One thing is for certain, though, having a cousin as wonderful as you has brought nothing but joy into my life.
  • May you live long and prosper cousin, and may you never own a red-shirt. Happy birthday you Trekkie you!
  • You mean more to me than you will ever know. Even though I don’t say it often enough I hope my actions convey my feelings loud and clear: I have nothing but love and respect for your cousin.
  • As your cousin I must wish you a happy birthday and remind you that you’re getting old. Really, really, really old, but I still love you anyway.
  • I am so lucky I have a cousin like you: one who inspires greatness. I hope your year is filled with happiness, love, and exciting exploits. Happy birthday cousin!
  • I can’t fathom a life without you in it cousin. I can only assume it would be bleak and boring without you. You are one of the people that contributes the most to my happiness in life. Thank you.
  • Thanks for all the things you’ve done for me. I can’t even count all the ways that you’ve been there for me. I am deeply touched and immensely grateful to your cousin. Happy birthday!
  • Even though our many fights you have been patient and kind. I am really lucky that I have a cousin as loving as you. This birthday I hope you receive all the joy your heart can hold.
  • During childhood you were my greatest friend. Even though many birthdays have come and gone since then our friendship is as strong as ever. Thanks for always sticking by my side.
  • I love you is such a small and simple phrase, but it carries the depth of my feelings for you. I hope you feel the sincerity in my words because I truly mean it. Happy birthday!
  • Your birthday is special because it allows me to celebrate the day that someone I love and respect came into the world. I hope it’s a wonderful day for you.
  • I hope that for your birthday you are showered in blessings, including mine. I know you will return them to me ten-fold. Thank you for always being my strength and support.

  • Your joy and zest for life inspire me to strive to be a better person. May your birthday be filled with wonder and awe. Happy birthday cousin!
  • Dear cousin, I knew I loved you from the day you were born. I’m so proud of all you’ve done so far in your life, but I’m even prouder of who you’ve become. Happy birthday!
  • Some bonds stand the test of time. Ours is one such bond. It’s deep and everlasting. You’ve had a profound effect on my life for the better. Thanks for being a constant source of love.
  • I hope you set the world ablaze with your dreams and aspirations. If so, you can use the flames to light all those birthday candles on your cake cousin. Happy birthday!
  • Cousins always know when to hold you and more importantly when to challenge you. Thanks for helping me grow as a person even when I didn’t want to. Happy birthday cousin!
  • You bring such glee into not just mine, but our family’s lives. May your deepest wishes and dreams come true this year. Happy birthday cousin!
  • Remember that at the end of the day-age is just a number. What matters is what you’ve done with all the years you’ve been given. Keep on being fabulous cousin, and you’ve got nothing to worry about. Happy birthday!

  • I hope your birthday is magical and filled with wonder just like Hogwarts. Happy birthday cousin!
  • This birthday I wanted to let you know that you will forever be an irreplaceable part of my life. I hope your birthday is as phenomenal as you are a cousin.
  • You are such a wonderful reminder of all that makes life good and whole. Happy birthday to my cousin that shines brighter than the sun. May you get tons of presents and food on your birthday!
  • Congrats on being an awesome human being. You are the epitome of amazing. Even Daria would think you were cool. Happy birthday you misanthrope you!
  • This birthday let’s take a moment to fondly reminisce about all the fantastic memories we’ve shared in our lives. There are too many to count so we can take the whole day if you want. I love you!
  • I hate that we have to spend your birthday apart, but I am thinking of you even now. Sending you love and a little bit of crazy your way just in case you missed me.
  • As I’ve gotten older I’ve realised that my moments and memories with you are some of the ones that are closest to my heart. You’ve left an impression on my life like no other, and I can’t imagine not having you as my cousin. Happy birthday!

  • I know is related to me is the only birthday gift you need, but just in case I also brought you cake and wine. You’re welcome.
  • You are such a kind and thoughtful soul. I am so fortunate that I get to celebrate having another year to bask in your awesome presence. May your birthday be filled with all the smiles a day can bring. Happy birthday cousin!
  • Even when you are down and out I have faith in you because you’re the kind of person who doesn’t know the meaning of the word defeat. This birthday marks the beginning of the year you begin world domination. I’ll forever be your minion cousin!
  • Your presence in my life is a source of wonder and happiness. I’m so glad to be even a small part of your life. Have a spectacular birthday cousin!

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Happy birthday cuz

We all have cousins whom we treat as our best friends or moreover as our siblings only. And their birthday is important so don’t forget to wish them on their upcoming birthday. You should try and make them feel special by sending them gifts for their birthday and most importantly wish them in such a way that they feel special. 

That is why today we are here to share happy birthday cuz quotes that you can use to wish them and happy birthday cuz images that you can send them or use as your social media status to make them feel special.

  • Being raised with you was like being raised with an angel from heaven. I can still remember the good and hilarious times we had together. Happy birthday.
  • I am grateful to you always because of the inspiration you give me all the time. You are the best cousin in the world, my dear. Happy birthday.
  • If I had one wish, I would wish to be with you all the time because you have such a wonderful soul. Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy every moment of this beautiful day God created for you.
  • An elegant and superb cousin like you is very rare to find. You are truly a great person, and I’ll forever be grateful to God for making us, family. I love you so much, Cuz. Happy birthday.
Happy birthday cuz
Happy birthday cuz
  • You are such a blessing to me, Cuz. You fill my soul with happiness and this life of mine complete. Have a wonderful birthday, my dearest Cousin.
Happy birthday cuz images
Happy birthday cuz images
  • Happy Birthday. My childhood was utterly fun and lovely because of you, cuz.
  • Cuz, on this day, I just want to let you know that your existence in my life is my source of happiness and joy. Thank you for decorating my life in such an awesome way. Happy birthday, and may God never stop decorating your life too.
Happy birthday cuz pic
Happy birthday cuz pic
  • My sweet Cuz, today is your big day, and by God, you and I are going to have one heck of a party tonight! Thank you for touching my life in such a special way. Happy birthday, my sweet Cousin.
  • Wishing my favorite cousin a super duper happy birthday! May everything you have ever dreamt of come to pass. I love you so much, my dear. Never forget that. Happy birthday, and do have a very beautiful day.
  • I want to give the best of wishes to the best cousin in the whole wide world. May today be a memorable and super positive day for you. Happy birthday.
  • Cousin, it’s incredible how no one touches my heart as you do. Happy birthday.
  • You cheer me up anytime I am down. Thank you for being such a caring and loving Cousin to me and my siblings. Happy birthday.
Happy birthday little cuz
Happy birthday little cuz
  • Life didn’t give me many friends, but it gave me a very wonderful cousin who became my best friend in the whole world. Cuz, you mean more to me than a hundred friends. Happy birthday, my dear.
Happy belated birthday cuz
Happy belated birthday cuz
  • Dear Cuz, as you continue your beautiful journey of life, I just want you to know that I will always love you and be there for you, no matter the prevailing circumstances. Happy birthday, my dear cousin.
  • Having a cousin like you is God’s way of telling me I’m the luckiest person in the world. I can’t thank you enough for constantly filling my world with sunshine. Have the greatest of birthdays, sweet cousin.
  • Dear cousin, the moments I have spent with you have been extremely great and I hope we can spend more of these moments together. Enjoy this special day of yours to the fullest.
  • To my favorite cousin, I want you to know that I’m very grateful to celebrate another great birthday with you. You are one of the most special gifts in my life. Have a blissful day.
  • As you turn a new age today, it’s my prayer that you continue to be an inspiration not only to me but also to others. Stay blessed and enjoy your Big Day to the max!
  • Happy anniversary! You made it by adding another year to your numerous ones. You are really a priceless jewel to me and to the entire family. I wish you a very special birthday celebration today.
  • I’m proud to have a cousin who has amazing ways of doing things. I want you to know that perfection is not attainable but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence. Happy birthday, my dear.
  • Your birthday is the perfect opportunity for me to let you know that you mean the world to me and I will forever love and cherish you.
  • Have a fabulous birthday, cousin. Without a cousin like you by my side, I don’t think my world would be complete and as colorful as it is.
  • It’s always awesome having someone as phenomenal as you in my life. On this day, may God give you all the happiness He has created in this world. Happy birthday.
  • I’m lucky to have a friend and a cousin who has always been there for me and supported me with his/her strength whenever mine failed me. Thank you for bringing felicity into my life just by being in it. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday beautiful cousin

Going from wanting to clever there is an assortment to browse that will ideally suit your cousin’s character and style. Recall that while activities may express stronger than words some of the time saying the words are as yet significant! We also have a collection of Happy Birthday Cousin Images to share.

  • If I was a vampire I would give you the gift of immortality so I could have you as a bestie forever. Alas, you won’t be getting the gift of immortality this year, but at least my love is never-ending.
  • You have always helped me get out of trouble, and for that I am thankful. Although, most of the time you were also the person who got me into trouble. Thanks anyway cousin.
  • I am so lucky I have a cousin like you. You are someone I can always rely on, and I hope your birthday is filled with joy, love, and laughter.
  • When we were little you shared your toys, and as we’ve gotten older you’ve shared your heart. Thanks for always being someone I can confide in. I love you and happy birthday cousin!
  • As you embark on another year of life I am starting to feel nostalgic. Especially for those times when I was able to beat you at everything. Those were good times. May you never grow older (or stronger).
  • Happy birthday to the coolest cousin I know. I may only have one but who needs more when they have you? Just know that you’re my family by blood but my friend by choice.
  • Growing up with a cousin like you has been the best type of adventure. I’ve loved every crazy, stupid, and exciting moment spent with you. I hope your birthday is delightful.
  • I wish you health, happiness, and love this year for your birthday. If you don’t get them all this year then hopefully you at least get health. That way you can live long enough to achieve the others!
  • I have loved to disturb you, worry you, and more importantly annoy you. However, my favourite thing is to simply love you. Happy birthday to the world’s best cousin.
  • May your birthday be filled with the light of the living and the brightness of laughter. This year may have been rough, but your birthday marks the point where everything will turn around. Happy birthday, and may the rest of your year be filled with nothing but immeasurably joy and peace.
  • Throughout our childhood we have created some amazing memories together and every single one of them is as unforgettable as you. This year I hope you receive all the fortune life can unfold. Happy birthday!
  • Your birthday marks the start of a new and fantastic year. Don’t dwell too much on where you have been, and only focus on where you are going. May today and all of your tomorrows be better than those of your past.
  • Happy birthday to my awesome cousin who has caused mayhem since the day they were born. May you continue to do so for many years to come.
  • Happy birthday cousin! Take time this birthday to reflect on what you want in life. It’s time to not just live, but to live spectacularly. You are capable of so much, and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in life.
  • Happy birthday to my partner in crime. For every fun exploit you were always right beside me. Thanks for making life an adventure worth having.
  • I’m so glad that I have had a cousin like you to help guide and support me. I’m even more glad that now I’m finally taller than you! Happy birthday shorty.
  • You have so much potential in life and so much to offer the world. In all your successes don’t forget the people you have impacted and influenced along the way. People like me. Your favourite cousin.

  • The most valuable things in life can show up in the most unlikely places. Like cousins. You mean so much to me, and I adore you.
  • Happy birthday to someone who was always stuck being the Robin to my Batman. You will always be my favourite sidekick in life.
  • I’ve watched you grow over the years and I couldn’t be prouder of the young man you have become. Today I am wishing you many more birthdays filled with endless love and laughter.
  • Some wisdom for my favourite cousin: Don’t dwell on the dimness of the past, but instead press on for your future is incredibly bright. Happy birthday!
  • When I was lonely you were a friend, and when I cried you cried with me. I will never forget all the ways you’ve been there for me and all the things you’ve done. Thanks for being present in my life.
  • Even though every day brings new challenges great or small. Remember that you have an inner warrior ready to conquer every battle. I hope your birthday heralds a year filled with greatness.
  • Getting older makes you appreciate things more than when you were a child. I do appreciate and treasure every moment spent with you. Happy birthday cousin.
  • On your birthday I would love to tell you that you are handsome, young, and simply wonderful. But then I would have to lie! Happy birthday to my old, ugly, and simply annoying (but deeply loved) cousin.
  • Bickering with you over the years has become not only my favorite past time but has taught me that there is more than one way to say I love you.
  • There are lots of parts of my childhood I would like to forget, but none of them include you. Thanks for being a fond memory I can always look back on with happiness.
  • To my little cousin, I remember having to love and care for you when you were small. Now that you’re a responsible young man I am fortunate that all I have to do is simply love you. Easiest job in the world. Happy birthday!
  • You help make life worth living and dreams worth dreaming. Wishing you all the very best on your birthday cousin.
  • Thanks for always setting the bar so high that my achievements have paled in comparison. I still love you. I just hate you a little too. Happy birthday cousin!
  • When you were born, I was so sure that your mission in life was to ruin mine. Now I know that it was to enrich it in every way possible. My world is a better place because you are in it.

Happy birthday cousin funny

Notwithstanding, cousin birthday is an ideal opportunity to reconnect. Everything necessary is a couple of very much picked words, regardless of whether wrote down in a welcome card, sent through instant message, or shared via online media. 

  • From daring adventures to the sweetest conversations, I am truly grateful to have you in my life. Happy birthday cousin!
  • I am so thankful for the way our relationship has developed over the years. I would never have known that we would end up the very best of friends.
  • When I look back on all the important times in my life I realised there was one constant thing: you. Thanks for being steadfast in your love for my cousin. I wish you all the very best for your birthday.
  • I may not get to see you all that often, but I certainly wish I could see you more. Thinking of you on your special day, and wishing you a day filled with rainbows, hugs, and kisses.
  • I wish you happiness as big as the ocean today. Thank you for being not only a sweet cousin but a great friend as well. I hope you have a spectacular birthday.
  • This birthday you already have everything you could wish for including my love and respect, but just to be safe I am also bringing you a birthday drink. Or maybe two. You can never be too prepared.
  • Happy birthday cousin! Birthdays may come and go but to your family, every day with you is a precious gift. Let’s celebrate in style this year cousin. Go big or go home!
  • On your birthday it’s my job to remind you how awesome you are. Our whole family’s life has changed for the better since you have come into it. I can’t imagine not having a cousin as phenomenal as you.
  • My childhood memories with you are priceless. I don’t just have a cousin, I have a life-long friend. Happy birthday!
  • You may have become a year older and wiser, but always remember that I’m still smarter than you! Happy birthday cousin.
  • This year I want to encourage you to reach for the impossible. Nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams when you put your mind to something. Not even your cousin who fondly loves to try and hold you back.
  • Thanks for always being the kind of person I could look up to. Someone steady no matter what life throws their way. For all the years you’ve given me friendship, courage, and love I am a truly grateful cousin. I hope to always give the same to you.
  • This birthday remember to let the number of years you’ve lived not be a reminder of how old you are, but instead a reminder of all you’ve overcome. Congrats on being a conqueror of life. I’m impressed.
  • Thanks for not only understanding my special brand of crazy but also for being just a wee bit crazier. Happy birthday fruit loop! I still love you.
  • On your birthday I pray that God’s blessings light up all the paths you walk in life, and may your heart always be too small to hold all the love that he pours into your life.
  • There is no amount of money or gifts that could equal the value I place on the amount of joy and wonder you bring into my life. Stay priceless cousin.
  • Just know that in my moments of weakness it’s your love and adoration that help carry me through. Thanks for being my strength in times of need. You are my rock.
  • I hope your birthday is nothing short of spectacular and filled with unforgettable memories. Just remember that birthdays are only highlights in your life, and you have a whole year filled with happiness to look forward to.
  • For all the times I stole your toys just because they were yours I want you to know I’m sorry. A little.

Cousin birthday

Your cousin is family, so they will consistently have your back and consistently be somebody you love and trust. As their birthday draws near, utilise Happy Birthday Cousin Messages to tell your cousin the amount you cherish and respect them. Birthdays are the greatest days of the year, so do everything you can to make your cousin’s birthday an event they won’t overlook. Glance through our best Happy Birthday Cousin Messages to locate the one that will make this the best birthday ever!

  • As you become another year older I don’t want you to worry. It will always be my job to annoy you no matter how old we get. Happy birthday cousin!
  • I consider myself unbelievably lucky to have such a caring cousin like you. Thanks for always keeping watch over me. Your presence has been one of the biggest pillars of support I have had in my life.
  • Even though sometimes I want to murder you and bury your body in a shallow unmarked grave I restrain myself, because deep down I do love you. It’s just so far down that sometimes I forget!
  • Thank you for always forgiving me. It’s such a simple thing, but it says so much about you as a person. Happy birthday to the coolest cousin there is!
  • Always remember how much I love you and that if you fall I will always be there to help pick you back up. Right after I finish laughing at you.
  • You are strong, hilarious, and truly lovable. I must admit that life would be ever so boring without you. Thanks for being a shining light in my life. You’ve always helped to light the way for me in life.
  • When you make your birthday wish keep in mind that sometimes dreams do come true. I ended up with a cousin as kind and caring as you. Happy birthday cousin!
  • When I was little and I needed someone to talk to you always listened. Thank you for always being my soundboard in life.
  • You are my motivation in life cousin. I know you couldn’t possibly want anything for your birthday, because you seem to have it all. I’m still going to send you my love and respect anyway.
  • Happy birthday to the person who knows firsthand what it was like growing up in our family. I must say I think we only came out slightly crazy. Happy birthday cousin!
  • You are the type of cousin that always helped me celebrate like there was no tomorrow in good times, and when times were bad you were also the first person to remind me that there is always tomorrow. Thanks for always being a source of positivity in my life.
  • You shine so brightly that others can only look in awe. May your birthday sparkle just as much as you, because not many people make being awesome look as good as you do. Keep up the perfection cousin.
  • You are the perfect example of a family. Your fearlessness inspires me, your determination challenges me, and more importantly, your love supports and surrounds me. Happy birthday!
  • Our experiences in life help to define the people we become. Thanks to my phenomenal cousin I’ve become a better person. I want you to know I’ve always got your back if you ever need me.
  • I wish you the very best on your special day, not just today, but for every day for the rest of the year as well. If anyone deserves it, it’s you. Happy birthday!

Connections between cousins are everywhere. A few cousins spend their entire lives in close contact, similar to kin without the kin contention. Others are isolated by age or separation, and only very seldom get to know one another. 

For your entire life, your cousin has been a steady companion and friend. During exhausting family gatherings or occasion parties, your cousin has consistently been there to hang out and have some good times. You generally have the best of times together and birthdays ought to be the same. On your cousin’s birthday, send them Happy Birthday Cousin Messages to show that you are amped up for their unique day! 

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