Happy Birthday in Heaven | Wishes for those who passed away

Father and Mother is the breadwinner of the family. They are a strength of the family, who is the supporter, as well as an adviser. If you wish Happy Birthday in Heaven is shows that you are still miss someone in your life. Have a happy birthday with my lovely mother and she would be proud of you. Mamas are not every day. They represent large moms. Then, have Happy birthday in heaven to the super mother. Deliver some of these wonderful birthday lines for your mother.

To wish your father a Happy Birthday DAD in Heaven shows that you are still missing him as well as respect him. This time only words have that power to shows your love to your father. Don’t miss that opportunity. Choosing the right kind of words and dedicate them to true emotions. Your dedicated words bring relaxation and relief in your heart. It is his birthday time, and we know that he is in heaven now. Factually, it is hard to express our extreme emotions in words. We need to be careful about that.

If your loved one died and they are celebrating their birthday, here are the “happy birthday in heaven” messages that you can dedicate to them. Here, we have provided you a collection of birthday wishes which you can send them by remembering them in your hearts.


Happy Heavenly Birthday MOM

Happy heavenly birthday to the individual who got me complete. There are some ways to be a mom, but it takes someone special to really embody the name “Mom.” this was you, forever. The gentle feeling soothed me and sheltered me, inspiring me and defending me as I attempted my choice in life. The happy birthday mom in heaven quotes for deceased mom can make the heart melt. 

  1. Missing you my dearest mother …Today is truly filled with memories of happiness and tears and of birthday celebrations that we have shared all throughout the years, wonderful birthday in heaven mom!

  2. Dear mom, best birthday. Although I always miss you, the endless joy you have brought to my life still brings warmth to my heart. On this birthday of yours, my wish is for you to be happy wherever you are right now.

  3. Mom, I look up to the stars and the sky in heaven on this day, which happens to be your birthday. I am sending you lots of love, hugs and kisses on this special day. You are truly missed, we love you mom!

  4. Today, we are celebrating one more year of your life. Even if you are no longer with us mom, please know that we are thinking of you and that we miss you terribly, happy birthday mom!

  5. Mom, it’s your birthday, and though you are not here, I want to wish you a very happy birthday in heaven.

  6. A wonderful birthday wishes to the world’s sweetest mom. I am truly grateful that I have you as my mom. Thank you for always believing in me and for all of the support that you have given me. I wish you so much mommy, but I know you are in a good place now and that makes me happy, happy birthday!

  7. I admire my mother for so many things – she’s one such amazing woman that is selfless, graceful, loving and strong. There is no other woman out there that I adore than her. On her birthday, I just want to say that I miss her terribly. But even if she is not with us now, she is definitely in our minds and hearts.

  8. Dear mom, you have helped me enriched my life with so much care, guidance, support and love. I know I would not be where I am now without you. You are truly missed especially today that it’s your birthday. Please know that we are always thinking of you especially on your special day, wonderful bday!

  9. Heaven now holds my mother on her special day. Lord, I ask that you give this bouquet of beautiful flowers to her and please tell her that I love her with all eternity.

  10. Best bday, mommy. You are the first person I think of when I wake up today. I miss you so much and I miss you even more now that it is your birthday. You truly are the best mom that a daughter can have and on this birthday of yours, please know that I will forever love you to infinity and beyond.

  11. Best bday my dearest and sweetest mother. Not a day will pass by that I will not think of you. I really miss you and my life has been empty since the day you passed away.

  12. Wonderful bday, mommy! I hope that you feel very special today. Even if you are not here with us celebrating your birthday, please know that you are loved by us and we still thinking of you each and every day of our lives.

  13. Dear mom, please know that even if you are not with us anymore, you are so loved by all of us and we are very thankful for having you into our lives. We love you so much and we miss all the fun times and great memories that we have shared, best birthday!

  14. To my dearest mother in heaven, with lots of love on your birthday, from all of us here on earth.

  15. Mom is such a special word and the loveliest that I have ever heard. Above all the rest mom, you are very special and you are simply the best. You may not be here now, but you are truly missed, wonderful birthday!

  16. Dear mom, on your birthday, we just wanted to let you know how grateful we are for all the great things you have done to make us happy when you are still with us. We miss you so much mom, happy birthday in heaven!

  17. It’s your birthday mom, so here we are, gathering in front of your tomb to wish you a very happy bday and to let you know how much we miss you so!

  18. Dear mom, today is your special day and I want to thank you for all the things you have done for us. We are just so grateful to have you as our mother. On this day, we hope that the angels up there in heaven are rejoicing and celebrating your day, happy birthday!

  19. As we visit your resting place mom, on this special day of yours, we feel the sadness that will never go away. For ever since you have left us, life has never been the same for all of us. Yet, it comforts us to know that one day, we will be together again. Happy bday in heaven, mom!

  20. Dear mom, the day you passed away is the saddest moment of my life. But it comforts me to know that you are happy where you are now, free from all the troubles that life may bring. I miss you very much and words will not be enough to convey how much I long to hug and kiss you, wonderful birthday in heaven, mommy.

  21. Mom, you may be gone… But always remember that the love between a mother and daughter will be forever. Best birthday in heaven!

  22. Dear mother, wonderful bday in heaven! Please know that we are always thinking of you here on earth. You are such an amazing mother and we are so grateful for having you in our life.

  23. Dear mom, you were designed in the heart of God, fashioned by His loving hands… On this birthday of yours, please know that we miss you dearly and that we are always thinking of you each and every day.

  24. Dear mother, even if you are not here, I still want to thank you for loving us unconditionally. Thank you also for all of the little things you have done so beautifully. On this birthday of yours, I wish for joy and cheer up there!

  25. I love you mom, best bday in heaven! Always remember that we terribly miss you here on earth.

  26. Mom, you truly are my best friend and my greatest confidante on earth. Now that you are in heaven, I still consider you as my greatest friend and thank you for listening to me whenever I feel lonely. I really miss you, best bday!

  27. Wonderful bday to the greatest mother, ever. And oh, by the way… Thanks for the genes that gave me these good looks. I miss you mom, happy birthday up there in heaven!

  28. Best birthday to the sweetest and the most beautiful mother. May your celebration in heaven be as bright as you!

  29. Dear mom, today is your birthday in heaven above. I am sending you my blessings, not just for today but every day and forever. I love you!

  30. Mother, I think of you every single day. But I feel better at the thought that you already have new family and friends up there in heaven who will celebrate with you on this special day of yours. I really miss you and I just look forward for the day that we can be together again and celebrate your birthday up there in heaven.

  31. Wonderful birthday, mommy! Please know that you have never been forgotten. We definitely miss you.

  32. Sending birthday wishes to heaven to my beloved mother whom I also consider my best friend.

  33. Dear mommy, I love you and miss you more than any words can describe. Happy bday in heaven!

  34. Mom, you will always be ever so deeply in my heart. Rest easy now and rest well, my treasured mother… Our time may have cut so short but always know that I miss you so much each and every day. Happy birthday in heaven!

  35. I love you mom and since it’s your birthday today, I am sending birthday wishes to heaven… I wish you are here with me now because I really miss hanging out with you on this special day of yours!

  36. To my beloved mother, please know that we think of you often and especially on this day, happy bday in heaven!

  37. Dear mommy, I miss you so much and it is just so hard that you are no longer with me to celebrate your birthday. Not seeing your smile and hearing your laughter is a pain that is just so difficult to bear. Nevertheless, I just wish that you are happy today, wherever you may be. Wonderful Birthday!

  38. Mommy, wishing you a wonderful special day in heaven… Til we meet again, best birthday!

  39. Mom, I love you and miss you. Sending you a million hugs and a million wishes, too. Wonderful bday in heaven!

  40. To my beloved mother, best bday to you. We truly love and miss you. As such, we are all gathered together to celebrate this special occasion. You may not be here with us, but you are truly in our hearts.

Happy Birthday in Heaven dad

You can also dedicate this happy birthday in dad in heaven quotes to your loving dad who is no more. Because regardless of what happens, he can forever remain there for you. On this day you can recall your sweet memories with him by wishing happy birthday in heaven dad. Still, should he go on to another world, his spirit would be there guiding your time, regardless of what you decide to do or what route you take. The dad in the family, and will always be there for you, even if just in life.

1. I am sending across my birthday wish to the best dad in the world. He may not be here right now, but I will always love him. Happy birthday dad.

2. Dad, since you were gone, I have missed all the wonderful times we had together. I would give anything to relive those good times. Happy birthday in heaven dad. I will love you always.

3. It hurts me deeply to think that you are not here with us. I am glad that we cherished and enjoyed every moment we had while you were here. I love you so much. happy heavenly birthday dad.

4. Losing you at such a tender age was so heartbreaking. As I grow up, I know that you are watching over me from heaven. I will always remain my daddy’s little girl. I wish you a happy birthday.

5. I have stopped staring at the sky because the brightest star is no more there – you. I will always love you. happy heavenly birthday dad.

6. Dad, I might be getting a lot of hugs from other people but I want you to know that none of those hugs are as warm as yours. I will forever remain yours. Happy heavenly Birthday dad.

7. I just want to wish you a wonderful birthday in heaven dad. I can already hear the angels celebrate you. You will forever remain in my heart.

8. Dad I want you to know that regardless of the misunderstandings and arguments we had, I still miss you. I will give anything to just relive those moments dad. Happy birthday in heaven.

9. Each time I drop off flowers on your grave, I remember just how aromatic you made my life. I miss you so much dad. Happy birthday in heaven daddy.

10. I just want one more chance to hold you tight in my arms. This time I would never let you go. Have a wonderful birthday in heaven. You will always be close to my heart.

11. Dad, I want to thank you for making me the strong woman I am today. But I want you to know that no matter how strong I am, I can’t be strong enough to deal with the fact that you are gone. Have a wonderful birthday in heaven. I will always love you.

12. Dad, it’s quite ironic that I didn’t listen to your advice when you were here. But now that you are gone, I am living the life you want me to live. I will give anything just to have you advise me again. Have a happy birthday in heaven daddy.

13. We may be far from each other but I always feel you are so close. This might be because you have always shown me love from the very first day. I will always love you dad. Happy birthday in heaven.

14. Dear dad. Here we are gathered to celebrate your special day. We know that the angels in heaven are also gathered to celebrate you. We will always miss you dad. Enjoy your birthday in heaven.

15. Your death will always remain a vague memory to me. But your life and all the good times we shared will be as clear as day. You are the epitome of love, kindness and affection. I want you to enjoy your birthday in heaven.

16. Dad, on the day you left, I didn’t just lose a father, I lost a dear friend, companion and mentor. I miss you so much dad. happy birthday in heaven daddy.

17. Death’s icy jaws may have snatched you away from me, but your will forever remain the hero of my life. Have a happy birthday in heaven daddy.

18. Although you are not with me now, I want you to know that you will always remain in a special place in my heart. Happy birthday in heaven dad. I will love you forever.

19. Dad, the stars can’t immortalize you because they will fade away. A poem can’t commemorate you because it would be forgotten one day. The only place I will keep you is my heart, so that I will be with you always. happy heavenly birthday dad.

20. Every time I think of you dad, tears come down my cheeks the same way rain falls on the earth. I miss you so much dad. Have a happy birthday in heaven.

21. Dad, I am so heartbroken at the thought of losing you. Words can’t convey the pain I feel when I remember that you are not there. I would give anything to relive my moments with you. I wish you a happy birthday in heaven daddy.

Happy Birthday in Heaven Brother

Losing someone you love brings an emptiness in your heart and your life. Mother Love is profound, and the most significant form of love because unconditional love and support are critical factors of Mother love. Your mother’s birthday proffers the opportunity to you to reminisce about the memories and give a tribute to your mother. Wishing a happy heavenly birthday to someone that shows your love and the respect you pay.

1. We would be celebrating your birthday today if you had not gone to God. Brother, there’s not a single day that we don’t think of you. I know, you can see me and I wish I could also see you. Happy birthday in heaven, my brother!

2. I don’t know, why you left so early. Dear brother, I miss all the moments we spent together. I had not only lost my brother but also lost my best friend. Really miss you so much! May you have a great birthday in heaven!

3. My little brother, it’s your second birthday we’re celebrating without you. Happy birthday my brother in heaven! You were the light of the house and after your death, our life has become darker. I hope you are having a great birthday with all the other angels.

4. I still can’t believe that you are not with us. I really want to give you a tight hug. Happy birthday, brother! I know, you are having a great party in heaven as you deserve! One day, I’ll come back to you and celebrate every special day together.

5. I cannot hold back the tears whenever I think of you, our naughtiness, the laugh we had together. And today on your birthday I feel deep sadness for not being able to celebrate the day with you. Happy birthday in heaven brother! May God give you eternal peace!

6. Today, it would be a day full of good and joyful things! But my brother, God took you too early and I can’t celebrate your big day anymore. You’ve gone to heaven leaving a big emptiness in our life! On your birthday, I just pray that God gives you all the things you want. Happy birthday in heaven!

7. I know you are that big star that sparks in the sky every night and say ‘I’m okay sis!’. Dear brother, happy birthday in heaven! I wish I could give you a hug of congratulations. But now, I just hope you always be at peace wherever you are. Miss you!

8. It’s true that your physical existence is no longer here in the world but I can feel your presence every moment. My beloved brother, I can never forget you and will always keep you in my heart. I hope you’re getting much love and wishes in heaven and enjoying your birthday! Happy birthday!

9. Dear elder brother, happy birthday in heaven! You were my friend, my mentor from whom I had learnt many things. Today I feel like crying loudly for not being able to hug you but I know you must be feeling so proud watching me becoming successful. Love you and miss you a lot!

10. For me, you were more than a brother. You fulfilled my wishes like a father, supported me like a friend and did all the things for my welfare. You mean so much to me and I wish you were here among us. Happy birthday, brother! Rest in peace!

11. The pain will never be healed of losing you, my beloved brother. I miss you even more on every special day. Happy birthday in heaven! I know death has separated us but we are connected by the heart. Love you today and always!

12. Last year on this day we had a huge party for your birthday. But today we are not celebrating because you are no longer with us my brother. Happy birthday, my lovely bro! Wherever you are, feel embraced by me. I hope you are enjoying your 1st birthday in heaven!

13. My loving brother, can you hear me? Do you know how much I miss you? It’s really painful to live without you, bro! Today, I hope and pray that you spend your birthday full of happiness and joy! Happy birthday in heaven!

14. I know that death is not the end and we will meet again. Happy birthday my brother! You must have seen that we lighted the candle in your honor, sang the birthday song and prayed for the peace of your soul. I hope you are enjoying the day with the people already departed from this world. Lots of love to you!

15. Death teaches us that, we must value the people around us. Dear brother, I badly miss you and I wish I could get back the time you were with us! May the Almighty bless you with eternal joy and peace! Have an enjoyable birthday in heaven!

16. It’s a very difficult day for me because today is your birthday brother and unfortunately you are far away from us. God called you too early and separates you from all of us. It’s not easy for us to overcome the pain of losing a special person like you but all your memories will be alive forever! Happy birthday in heaven!

17. Dear brother, you were my best mate, my secret keeper, my friend, and my partner in crime. I miss our love, our fighting and all the time we spent together. I feel heartbroken thinking that I can’t do these things with you again. You’ll be missed by me every day as long as I live. Happy birthday in heaven brother!

18. Though you are not present here, you are and will always remain in our thought, brother. I hope you’re doing well in the new world and having fun with the people in heaven. Happy birthday in heaven, little brother!

19. Happy birthday, dear brother in heaven! It’s been 3 years you left us but still, I wait when you’ll come to fight with me, pull my hair, snatch my food and love me with all heart. I really miss all that stuff you did and will continue to think about these every day of my life.

20. We celebrated your last birthday of life last year but it seems that it was just yesterday. We had so much fun all day. But today, I feel so sad remembering you and I wish you could come here again. But it’s not possible. All I can do is ask for the blessings of God and pray for the peace of your soul. Happy birthday in heaven!

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Happy Birthday Sister in Heaven

All in all, we all know that a particular day to show love is not the right kind of mind-set. Take your father and your mother’s birthday as an opportunity to give him something return and thanks. Giving a tribute from your heart in the form of a birthday wish is the best way to pay respect to your father and Mother. Even though we can’t give him anything in return for whatever he has done. But showing true love to your father is one the incomparable thing. Birthday in Heaven quotes is a prominent factor on this occasion.

  1. It is my wish that the holy angels in heaven chant for you the most beautiful song as you celebrate your birthday. Stay blessed in heaven, sweet sister!

  2. Wishing a wonderful birthday celebration to the most wonderful sister ever created by God! Dearest sister, I die to see you every day, but it is on special days like this that your absence is most felt. I hope we meet again really soon!

  3. Happy birthday, dear sister. Losing you was the saddest moment ever. I deeply miss you and wish you a happy stay in heaven.

  4. Though you’ve been away for some time now, I still find it unbelievable how such a wonderful sister like you could leave me in a cold world like this. I will forever love and cherish everything we did together till we meet again. Happy birthday in heaven, dear sister!

  5. I understand that heaven needed more angels like you, so you had to go. However, I wish your departure could have been delayed a little. I miss you not only today but every day, and will never stop missing you until the day we meet again in eternity.

  6. As you observe your birthday in heaven, we want you to know that nothing will ever replace you in our hearts. Sending you lots of love forever!

There is a lot of Dimensions and role that the father and mother plays in his lifetime silently. We all know how hard it is to cop up with our feelings when we lost our loved one person, especially the father and mother. Father is the main pillar of strength in the family, and Your mother is the only one to take of you in every second of her life.

Precisely you need to understand that it is out of the world feeling to describe how much you love your mother and father as well. Paying a tribute on birthday is the sign of pure love. Death departs you from your mother, but her blessing is always with you. Saying in your heart that “Happy Birthday MOM in Heaven” shows that you always keep her in your heart. Your mother is not with you because heaven is the most beautiful place for her. Take this day as an essential day in your life and reminiscing the time you spent with her. A sweet message is a tribute for her that you can offer now.

Even guessing as to what to say to your mother on her date? We have made you some of the good things you could need to select from for her. Some of these wants are sincere sentiments perfect for her. 

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