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I need to tell you how this was in the past. Although I didn’t realize, I was mainly motivated by an unconscious fear who drove me ahead: I always questioned myself if I would succeed, if it would occur according to my wishes. Even if it was about little things, like asking a friend for a favor.,There seemed to be an ongoing resistance. Actually, I thought it should not be required to make any effort. I thought everything must go effortlessly and easy in order to do everything without fear and with pleasure.

Along the way, I understood I was the one who was making things difficult by putting myself on the pressure to get what I wanted or wanted to accomplish. I always was negatively motivated without knowing this.,When did this negative motivation occur? To put it in short, when I was resisting what happened. And nowadays it still happens of course, but I can handle it, see below., There has been changed a lot since then. But first I want to tell you whereby I get motivated now., As a life coach, I like to, As a person I like to, How I get motivated is not that difficult. When I like what I need to do or want to do: most of the time automatically, by inspired action, flow.

But when there is something in the way, it doesn’t go automatically at all, even the things I enjoy are not easy going in that case.,I question myself if there is an inner conflict: These days I take action first at the things I don’t like, so I’m able to concentrate relieved on the tasks I like and really want to do.,Now you know how I get motivated. But the understanding and the changes in habits and convictions came only when I discovered Ian Crossley’s (Cruz) Science Of Getting Rich Network, founded by Rebecca Fine. I downloaded and read the free ebook and followed the Practical Geniuses Course which changed my life totally. By the way, did you know this course is the only one where you can set your own tuition? I hope you will find much information about motivation and how to get it in the right way on this blog, which is one of the things how I get motivated.

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