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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!, Improving self-confidence, Improving self-confidence is what you will experience when you know what you want. When you know what you want in life, you will derive self-confidence from it. So it is very important to know what your desires are and that you have a clear mental image about them. Then you have a determined focus.

When you have a determined desire to become a writer, for instance, you will devote yourself to learn everything acquired to be a good writer. You will not be discouraged soon by adversity. You have faith in your purpose., If you don’t know what you want, chances are that you will start many different things, without considering if those things fit you. How do you discover what fits you? If you followed the steps through as shown in the image on motivation and emotion, by now you know what you want, isn’t it? There are only a few doubting questions that come along in your mind? , With positive beliefs, you get improving self-confidence and become self-secure. When you know exactly what you want, and you imagine it, you will get doubts if it is attainable.

So your imaginations have made you conscious of your doubts. Be grateful for this, now you are aware of these doubts, and you can clear up them.,”I am too old”¦, too young”¦, not smart enough”¦, not beautiful enough”¦., I don’t have the money”¦.how can I achieve this”¦” are a few things you might be thinking. Every time you think “Yes, but”¦.” you have a doubt and these doubts are limiting your chances of success.,Scientific research has proven that people who are optimistic learn faster because they are convinced they will succeed.,So you have to turn your doubts into positive beliefs. You can do that by writing down every doubt, every “yes, but”¦” that comes along in your mind. Then turn them positive.

“I am too old to start with this” will become “I have just the perfect age and experience to do this”., And “How can I achieve this?” becomes “I will know in good time how to achieve this”. So release your need for control, feel faithful and improve your self-confidence by doing so., There is a computer program that can give you the messages you want to get. You make your choices and the program works in a way that you are not consciously of getting the messages. This works on a deep level in your brains and your beliefs will change in the way you have chosen.,To improve self-confidence in getting what you want, the next three steps are acquired to go through.,1. Translating your imagined desire to a specific goal, step by step.

This step by step is important. You will be much more confident if you take little steps, that are clearly set out.,2. Take care of a positive mental attitude. Always keep in mind your general goal, and keep in mind how it would feel if you accomplished each step.,3. To meet the world with conviction and confidence.

Don’t talk about your general goal until you have the faith you will get it. Until then talk only about the in-between goals. That is easier and you will come across in a confident way. Other people will take you seriously and believe you because of your belief in yourself.,As soon as you tell your new ideas or desires to the outer world, people will react with resistance. That is because they have to change their minds, their way of thinking and changes are always involved with the resistance.

This may make you insecure. Improve self-confidence to convince other people., Resistance is the first thing you will meet when you utter your desires. Until people see the profitability of your ideas for their desires. If you do not expect this, you can be easily discouraged. You need self-confidence tips to overcome these obstacles.

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