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Knowing their audience is one major key to wonderful motivational speakers. Telling successfull anecdotes is one of the best ways motivational speakers inspire others to achieve greatness. They show you how you can overcome your obstacles by showing you how other people have overcome theirs. They do not talk down to you, but rather seek to lift you up. Finally, great motivational speakers tell you how you can equip yourself to handle any challenge.

They have wonderful knowledge of their audience. If they are speaking about increasing sales they will relate to their audience which will be made up of sales people. They have the ability to relate to their audience through this language and press their emotional buttons, bringing about an emotional response and sometimes even whipping the crowd into an emotional frenzy punctuated with a “you can do it” or “yes you can” phrase. They are full of stories of how people just like you accomplished their goals and acheived success. This makes you believe if they can do it, then so can I.

These stories let people really get the sense that they can do it. Network Marketing is the best example of this strategy. By pointing out others who have had success they are masters at proving to you that you can overcome your fears and challenges. Being consistent with this theme is what the best motivational speakers do. Convincing you that “yes you can” is what the best ones do really well.

A great motivational speaker will lift you up and encourage you to be all that you can be and achieve your goals. Another way they accomplish this is by making you feel like they are talking directly to you. You will buy in to what they are saying regardless if you came with a skeptical mindset. Once they see that you believe in yourself then they will give you the tools and strategies you need to acheive your goals. Some sell actual products to continue the ambiance of the motivational environment like books, DVDs, videos, motivational CDs, newsletters, or subscription services designed to pump you up.

Knowing which buttons to push is a characteristic of a great motivational speaker.

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