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One popular UK speaker is John Amaechi. He was an NBA player and was the first Briton known to be a part of the Hall of Fame of the US Basketball after having a seven-year career in the NBA. John Amaechi got through various challenges and had experienced hard times in both professional and personal life including the injury that almost cost his life hence his recognition. As a keynote speaker and motivational speaker, a lot of his presentations are geared on personal development. Major Chris Hunter is an amazing speaker too who worked in Iraq as a bomb disposal expert and is a British Army veteran.

He was able to finish his career as the head analyst in the ministry of defense and became a part of the counter-terrorist unit. His skills and capabilities permit him to display positivity in the most difficult situations adding some humor to his presentations. In the UK speaking industry, he is definitely one of the most captivating and inspiring speakers. Another excellent speaker and a successful author at the same time is Mary Protas. She has expertise in branding, retail strategies, and communication. She is one speaker who doesn’t just educate her listeners in every session but she is able to teach them in one breath.

Her main strength is creativity and when it comes to the UK speaking scene, Mary is consistent with providing positive innovations. Tim Campbell is also a popular and excellent speaker and became popular after winning the reality show entitled The Apprentice. He offers solutions to challenges that most individuals of his age are facing in a confident way. He is one of the effective young speakers. Tim Campbell focuses on topics regarding planning, positive attitude and entrepreneurship.

Adrian Gilpin is the speaker who completes the list of my top five favorites from the UK. He presents his speeches really well and includes videos and audios to them. Entrepreneurship, leadership and teamwork are his favorite topics when speaking. Adrian Gilpin is able to engage his listeners by making the sessions lively and he delivers it with great energy every time. We may not have the same top five favorite UK speakers but for me, they are definitely the five speakers that you can rely on when it comes to speaking.

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