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Great to have you back here. Thank you for being a returning visitor. If you didn’t yet subscribe to my RSS feed. See you again! There are many ways to motivate yourself. If you don’t know how to get motivated you need to watch your thoughts.

So the first of these self motivation tips is:Why is this important? If you appreciate yourself you will be accessible for all good and beautiful things life gives to you. If you don’t you will resist and not see all those good things.Do you appreciate yourself? Then you feel good and when you feel good you value everything for the better. But you wouldn’t read this page if you were feeling good so I give you some tips to improve the way you treat yourself.But I do not treat myself bad! Of course not consciously but I bet you have negative thoughts about yourself and that is the same as treating yourself in a bad way.Other motivational strategies are: Self MotivationThe next self motivation tip is be happy!

Watch your thoughts and look how many times you think negative about yourself (and others). You correct yourself negative every time you do something that you could do in a better way.You do this in a way you should not use to an other person isn’t it? Stupid! you learn it never Shame I’ve forgotten that This is worth nothing can be done much better and so on. Yes I know.

But do you know how many times a day you speak this way to yourself? A great part of the about 60000 thoughts we think in a day. Now here’s an exercise to change that way of thinking:Every time you become aware of a negative thought about yourself change it in the positive. For instance when you think: Stupid! you learn it never you can start laughing about it release the negative feeling and think: It isn’t that worse next time I shall prepare this or do it slower.Write down those thoughts as well the negative as the positive behind each other. This way you learn a new approach of judging your behavior. Over time you will appreciate yourself and your life much more.

Your attitude is of great importance for the way you receive what you get and as a result the ways to appreciate life. If you have a positive attitude you will be accessible and enjoy many things because you can receive it. If you have a negative attitude you will resist what you get and value it in that way too. And that causes negative motivation too.What is your reaction when someone gives you a compliment about the fashion you are wearing?

Do you say something like: Oh that’s an old jumper or do you say: Thank you I agree that’s why I wear it.In the first case you are resisting what you get you cannot receive what you is given there is even a possibility that you think: that’s only politeness she doesn’t mean it sincerely.In the second case you show that you can appreciate the compliment and as a result people will give you more compliments. Yes it is fun to give to accessible people!An other example: at the time of this writing it is autumn in the Netherlands leaves are falling day after day.

I like the intense beautiful colors and enjoy it. Behind my garden are a few very large plane trees with perhaps you know large thick leaves. You can imagine those leaves fall in my garden.With a negative attitude I could think: Oh now again I have to clear up all those leaves what a nasty job. But that’s not my habit anymore (once it was!). Now I am glad with the leaves I rake them up to the borders to protect the plants that grow there for frost.

When I think how it will feel when the work is done and how my garden will look at springtime I just feel grateful for all those leaves.You see how you can be grateful for everything in your life and you will find many ways motivating yourself from now on.I suggest the following.The first way to keep you motivated is to set up an appreciation journal.Buy a notebook or you can use your gratitude journal if you have one.

Then each day before you retire you write down 10 things you appreciated about yourself that day. Be aware that you begin each sentence with I.At first you will find no more than three things but if you persist you will find every day 10 or even more things that you can value about yourself. It may be little things like: I have given someone a compliment I made a cup of coffee for myself I helped my children with their homework. Perhaps you think these things are obvious but let me tell you and remember: nothing is obvious from now on.

At the time that you can write down 10 things at the end of each day you will see that you are getting much more things done in a natural flow. You will be surprised and you have found more ways to motivate yourself. Now it is time to reward yourself for what you achieved. When you appreciate yourself you can reward yourself. Buy something you want: a book music make-up a holiday trip something you never bought before because you didn’t thought you were worth it. Now you do! The cause of self motivation lies in rewarding yourself.

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