Some fans of star wars go to the extreme of living by the mantras of their favourite Sci-fi movie, so if you know any such fans of star wars, or there is someone in your friend circle who is a fan of star wars and are planning to celebrate their birthday soon, then you should wish them a happy born day. Thinking what is this born day? Well, birthdays are known as born days on the moon OrulShaai III in star wars, so remember this fun fact while wishing your friend a happy birthday. Wishing your friend in star wars style is a great idea, do check the awesome star wars happy birthday wishes that we have here.

Today we are sharing such happy birthday star wars meme which will be a great way to wish your friend a happy birthday.


Star wars is a great way to wish someone their happy birthday no matter if he or she is a fan or not. Not just birthdays but star wars can be a great way to wish anyone on any kind of occasion, we have compiled a selection of happy birthday star wars funny meme, gifs, and images. In the end, don’t forget to say – MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU. 

  • ‘A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…’ you were born.

  • ‘May the force be with you’ on your birthday.

  • Yoda says, “A happy birthday you will have.”

  • ‘Do, or do not’ have a happy birthday. ‘There is no try.’

  • Use the force to blow out your candles and make a wish.
  • Urrrrrrr Uhhhhrr Urrrr! (Happy Birthday! from Chewbacca)
  • There are enough light sabers on your cake now to light up a room.
  • Age matters not. Celebrate you must.
  • Compared to Yoda, you aren’t old at all.
  • Happy Birthday you rebel scum.
  • Have a happy birthday! It is your destiny.

  • May the fork be with you when you eat some birthday cake.
  • You’ll always be my young padawan.
  • “Give you a present I will, but first, we eat cake.” -Yoda
  • Wookie who just got a little older.
  • Eat the cake and let the sugar flow through you.
  • Happy Birthday to the best Jedi in the galaxy.
  • The Empire wishes you a happy birthday.
  • You are the Obi-Wan I know having a birthday today.
  • “Beep boo beep boop!” (Happy Birthday from R2D2)
  • I felt your presents, birthday presents that is.


Star wars birthday meme

Star Wars is a series that has been loved all around the globe. No person is unaware of Star Wars and its characters have left a lasting print in the hearts of our young generation. So today in this post, we will be sharing our collection of Star wars birthday meme. All the memes on our website are available for free of cost for you to use. These trolls from star wars characters are sarcastic statements wishing happy birthday. 

  • Everyone loves the Star Wars movie series, it is one of those movies that has a really large franchise, something that truly has a marked on the society that we live in. It has truly been one of the best movies that is known to people. It is a legacy that is still on going until now.
  • Every new release of this movie, brings a lot people together, especially the fans. A lot of kids want a Star Wars themed birthday party, even. You can see it in shirts, mugs, caps and a whole lot more. When someone who loves it celebrates his or her birthday, maybe you can indulge that person by giving him or her related gifts or sending him or her some Star Wars birthday meme that he or she would surely understand and love.

Every new release of this movie franchise brings a lot of people together. A lot of kids want their happy birthday star wars themed. When somebody who loves it celebrates his or her birthday then maybe you can indulge that person by sending him or her related gifts or sending him or her some star wars happy birthday meme or star wars happy birthday gif.

If you and your friend share a special star wars friendship bond and his or her birthday is coming up soon, you should consider wishing them happy birthday star wars style.

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