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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!, Success Motivation, Why would you need success motivation? Success is what you want, isn’t it? Or perhaps you don’t see the necessity of success, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have it., Perhaps you are convinced you will never have it and questioning yourself where to find the motivation for success because it will be a hard working day to achieve it. Perhaps you think you are a failure who never can do something right., What could you do to get (back) success motivation? First, raise your self-esteem. It is quite easy to raise your self-esteem by looking at other people. Are you surprised I say so? Other people do everything better, isn’t it? So how can you raise your self-esteem by doing exactly that? Well, I suggest to look at people who are less successful then you are.

, Look downwards instead of upwards. Look at people who cannot as well as you, what you achieved. Look how far you have come, what you achieved already. Look at how many people are less developed in the knowledge and skills you have.,Make a list of all your successes, professionally as well as personally. To receive what you did well and do well now.

Then be grateful to yourself! Yes you, because you did all those things well. Ask yourself: “What motivated me to achieve these successes?” There you are: you have found one or more factors to your success motivation., Fear for failure and fear for success are the same thing: fear for criticism. Let me tell you, what people say who are critical, tells more about those people themselves than about you. And these fear of criticism is caused in the way you treat yourself: very critically I assume., Be gentle to yourself, nobody achieved their success without struggle. So be grateful and gentle to yourself.

It will not go overnight but practice this every time you notice you beat yourself. Treat yourself like somebody would do who loved you very much. The fear will disappear and you are motivated as never before to be successful because there are no obstacles anymore.,Now you will have more confidence, we are going to look at what you could do to make you feel more at ease with your motivation., Ask yourself why you want success? What does it exactly provide you? The answers will give you spirit!, Fear for success which is holding you back is always caused by a lack of information. You don’t know what will happen.,To know more about what it means to be successful, take one or two models, people who have accomplished something great or achieved already what you want. Interview them if possible or read their biography.

You’ll learn this way how many years they spend to achieve their actual level of performance, what they did to get there, how they’ve struggled, which failures they’ve made and how many times they didn’t succeed and learned from it.,You will get enthusiastically and motivated by these examples and learn that failure isn’t real failure but a possibility to learn how you can do it better and never quit until you reach your goal. And that is success motivation.

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