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Present time, from which we are passing it is synthetic. This era is like not ending the treaty time. In the process, people run private businesses and run to deal with the accident. There is an examination of generous service spirit on occasions like fire, earthquake, famine, epidemic, accident. Emotional does not miss this opportunity. The neglected people were like the thirties and the people who are engaged in service, always leave their impression of greatness and greatness on people’s minds. Which provides important seniority through many means in the earliest times.

History has witnessed that in each of the Rajput houses, one member was recruited in the army. Even when the Sikh religion had passed, every family who came to that area in that vicious valley had encouraged one of his family members to become a member of the Sikh army. Today’s Vela is not less vulnerable than then. In order to engage in innovation, one talent should come forward from every house and take credit for keeping the dignity of the land of India alive. In the twenty-first century, the prospects for the return of the Golden era are clear. A few symbols are already coming up. Such personalities are emerging which can dedicate their emotions, aspirations, and activities to creation in the cause of creation by reducing public living, by which their dedication can play a role of the burning torch in darkness and create glow in everybody’s eyes.

Waiting for heaven, seeing, etc. may need to wait and be disappointed. But the idealistic courage presented for the true purpose creates such an authentic intense and talent, whose earnings can be assessed as a divine asset, on which today’s material assets and features can be overcome. Rich people and scholars find their courage on some people, but the talents of great-heart level do history-to all humankind.

The use of talents wherever there is in the direction of justification, they have been rewarded in every respect. Students who get good numbers get award winners and become scholarships officers. Finds the gallantry medal that exhibits uniqueness in the soldiers. Officials are promoted. Democrats are greeted. The world gives respect to the great humanity and God enjoins them as intimate souls like Hanuman, Arjuna.

Era creation is great to work. His relation is not from any person, region, but by radical changes in the thinking, character and behavior of all mankind worldwide. It is an extraordinary audacious attempt to bounce backward in the direction of a windstorm trend. It is a miraculous rejuvenation, to cure cancer patients and to make them capable of wrestling level when they are healthy. Such examples appear only in the exception of the Emperor Ashoka level. But, when this process is to be universal, then it can only guess how ruthless it would be, that the order to make impossible is possible. Those who do not have to do anything, their review can be child humor.

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