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Diets that work millions of fat people are turning every stone out there to find the ultimate diet that will work for them. I bet you have tried a diet yourself that worked for you. At least in the beginning. You see that is the only problem all diets work in the beginning and then something happens. After the first 3-4-5 days, you start to see some results, you get excited and then nothing you are stuck.

You quit and start stuffing yourself while looking around for the next idiot proof diet that works. I have to tell you one thing you are missing a piece of the puzzle. A diet itself probably won’t work for anybody. I’m sure you already know the facts, but anyway here is how it goes: When you start eating less (that is what every diet is about, no matter what the pitch says) you start feeling hungry all the time. Starving, starving, starving until one day you quit and stuff yourself.

Your body reacts by stocking fats on your buts, abdomen, and legs to prepare for the next time you go crazy (on a diet). Guilty, guilty, guilty God, please send me a diet that works. You keep wandering in this magic circle again and again. Read on to discover the only way to make your diet work. These are the four essential steps you must complete if you want to lose weight on a diet: 1.

Find a diet that suits your taste, your lifestyle and your wallet you need to enjoy the process. I mean don’t go after the Dukan Diet if you are a veggie, it won’t work for you. 2. Start exercising. And do not quit.

3. After you complete your diet plan have a week or so to introduce foods again. Don’t fall upon your favorite cookies. Let your body get used to the change. Anyway, if your eating habits before the diet were far from healthy you should change them.

4. The last but believe me the single most important thing you need is weight loss motivation. The right kind of high, constant, powerful and hot weight loss motivation that will keep you moving, that will make you love yourself and get your friends and family talk about your success. Why is weight loss motivation so vital when you are on a diet? Because it is the thing that makes things happen as simple as that. Find the right weight loss motivation, nourish it, keep it good, feed it every day and you will enjoy your way to your dream body.

If you are deep motivated you stick to your diet plan, stay away from chocolate and soda, do your daily routines and feel satisfaction at the end of the day. A minute without weight loss motivation can cost you everything you have achieved., If you can’t see the reason in what you are doing, your goals will stay as far as they are now. Go find your diet and prepare for a change in your life because all diets work.

It is not an incentive or a split second impulse. It is not a sole act, it is not committing to something., Motivation is a complex mix of all the above and yet is so simple. It is the answer to only one question. Can you say what it is?, WHY?, If you can answer that one question right you will get it the motivation you need will fill you up and won’t let you until you take action and achieve your goal.,but there is always a but¦You need to answer right. If you go wrong you will still be motivated.

But for the wrong WHY. You will still take action but it won’t lead you to your goal.,So the next time you hear yourself saying I’m not motivated to lose weight or My lose weight motivation just ain’t strong enough just sit in some quiet place and think of all your reasons to lose weight., You have to find out why you want to lose weight and how you feel about it. Maybe you will realize that you are OK with being fat or obese as long as others don’t treat you like one. Or you will find an inner power to start changing your habits and lifestyle right away., It is very important that you are clear with yourself about what you want and how you expect to get it.

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